CU Marketplace Experience PODCAST: Advocacy in Action

The Cooperative Credit Union Association has effective advocacy covered at both the State and National level. Jason Dias, host of the Credit Union Marketplace Experience Podcast, caught up with the advocacy team to find out how they got started with credit unions and how they are working hard tracking voting records and intentionally engaging lawmakers at every level for the benefit of the CCUA's members.

Mary Ann Clancy, SVP and General Counsel shared how the unique role of credit unions in the marketplace requires constant advocacy, on both the state and federal levels. She shared some of the tools used by the Association to be effective on behalf of its members and noted key issues the Association is currently following. Clancy pointed out that the Association’s advocacy efforts are “national in scope but tailored and impact-driven by our members.”

Carole Langiu, Director Communications/Governmental Affairs, explained the various resources available to members on the Federal Regulatory and Legislative Advocacy pages of the Association’s websites. She detailed how the Association helps prepare members for meetings with their Congressional delegation and how the member exclusive Lawmaker’s Scorecard provides an at-a-glance record of the legislative activities of each state’s lawmakers.

Katherine Butler, VP Advocacy, detailed how each state has its own legislature and how Advocacy in the state applies to all credit unions, regardless of their charters. She stressed that the goal of state advocacy is to “improve current, pending, and proposed state laws, regulations and other business issues that impact all aspects of credit union business operations.”  Butler also pointed out the customized resources available on the state advocacy pages of the CCUA website.

Listen to this week’s podcast from the CCUA’s Advocacy team.