CU Marketplace Experience Marks its Debut in the Annals of Credit Union History

The buzz filling the DCU Center in Worcester, yesterday, was credit unions. It was all about credit unions, from New England to Delaware and as far west as California’s Silicon Valley.

Words like Fintech, cybersecurity, auto lending, flooring, cooperatives, water, data mining, enterprise risk management, retention, social media, solar energy, augmented and virtual reality were bantered about, explored and dissected on a trade show floor and in a collection of breakout sessions that saw almost 100 vendors engage credit union execs looking to find the best and latest deals for their credit unions.

Afterall, all the excitement was generated by debut of CCUA’s CU Marketplace Experience, the first in what promises to be an annual trade show that takes the vendor-credit union experience to a whole new level.

From all quarters the comments and sentiment are unanimous -- the event was a great success! 

Attendees commented on the quality and timeliness of the presentations, and the vendors were delighted with the terrific turnout and visitor engagement in the Marketplace. More than 358 credit union executives and professionals descended on Worcester’s DCU Center to help make the event a memorable success.

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