City of Boston Credit Union Wishes President/CEO Daniel E. Waltz the Best as He Heads into Retirement!

After 37 years in banking, City of Boston Credit Union President/CEO Daniel E. Waltz begins a new chapter in his life as he heads into retirement! CUCU extends a heartfelt thank you to President/CEO Daniel E. Waltz for his service to our membership, and the progress and growth of our credit union during his time with us. We wish him nothing but the best and a long, relaxing, and happy retirement!

Beginning his banking career right out of college, Waltz worked for a national bank in Pennsylvania for over 18 years.  He then moved to credit unions in Massachusetts, where he worked another 18 years. Waltz parts ways with City of Boston Credit Union after 3 years, stating that he has “been extremely honored to have been a member of the CBCU team and work for such a great, well-run, well-capitalized, strong and progressive Credit Union. CBCU is so fortunate to have a board and staff dedicated to our membership, helping our members achieve their financial goals, supporting and being actively involved in the communities in which we operate…truly a credit union that operates by the credit union philosophy of ‘People Helping People.’”

CBCU is extremely grateful to have had Waltz for these past three years and will continue the growth and progress we have made during his time here! Together with the Board of Directors, Management, and staff, CBCU has accomplished quite a bit during his time:

•    Assets have grown from $382,220,919 to $500,755,517, a $31% increase

•    Total Memberships have increased 25%, from 24,756 to 30,995

•    We have grown from 5 offices to soon to be 9 offices when Westland Avenue is soon opened

•    We have grown from 14 branded ATMS to 25

•    We have completed 2 mergers: Chadwick and Northeastern

•    We have expanded our field of membership to include Middlesex County, anyone attending school, FM Global and subsidiaries employees and Northeastern University Faculty, Staff, Students and Alumni

•   We have decreased our regular share account from $25 to $5

•   We implemented the first in the area prize-linked savings account, WINcentive, which has grown to 339 accounts with total balances of $297,392

•   Use of Mobile Wallet, Apple Pay and Android Pay by our mobile wallet enabled debit and credit card holders has grown to 3,144,  or 21% of our 15,307 plastic card portfolio

•   We have implemented our youth financial education program, Coindexter, and reintroduced our youth mascot, George Billington

City of Boston Credit Union would like to once again thank Waltz for his dedication and efforts to our credit union, our communities, and most importantly our membership. Enjoy your well-deserved retirement Dan!