City of Boston Credit Union Donates iPads to Pediatric Oncology Patients at Tufts Children’s Hospital

On Wednesday, April 21st, representatives from City of Boston Credit Union’s Board of Directors, as well as President/CEO Neil Gordon, visited Tufts Children’s Hospital in Boston to donate iPads to the patients and families of the Pediatric Oncology ward. Stephen Green, CBCU Director and Boston Police Department Sergeant, has had a long standing relationship with Tufts Medical Center of 20 years with his annual Sergeant Santa program. The program provides families in need with warm winter jackets, hats, and gloves along with several toys. The parents even receive a gift, along with wrapping paper and tape to wrap their children's gifts. Some families are even given a tree with a stand and decorations!

When the Oncology ward indicated that they were in need of iPads for the children to use during their treatment, as well as to maintain strong communications with their families, Director Green brought the request to the City of Boston Credit Union. CBCU stepped up to fulfill that need by donating 15 iPads to the Children’s Hospital!

Representing Tufts Children’s Hospital was Allison and the hospital’s fan-favorite service dog, Bob! City of Boston Credit Union is extremely proud to be able to assist these patients and their families, and knows these iPads will be put to great use!

City of Boston Credit Union donates iPads to Pediatric Oncology Patients at Tufts Children’s Hospital
(l-r): CBCU Director Steve Green, Boston Police Department Community Service Officers, Tufts Children's Hospital Allison, CBCU Directors Brian Gill, Coleman Flaherty, Cecil Jones, Susan Connolly, CBCU President/CEO Neil Gordon, and  Bob the Tufts Children's Hospital Service Dog