CCUA Membership Continues to Grow in 2021

Following a nation-wide trend, the Cooperative Credit Union Association reports membership affiliation continues to grow. Since 2019, the Cooperative Credit Union Association has added nearly 20 credit unions to its membership. In 2021, the four-state league has seen the addition of:

  • - Coventry Teachers Federal Credit Union, Rhode Island;
  • - Delaware State Police Federal Credit Union, Delaware;
  • - Somerset Federal Credit Union, Massachusetts; 

And, as Associate members,

  • - American Eagle Financial CU, Connecticut; and
  • - Finex Credit Union, Connecticut.

In February, the CCUA sent out a membership survey to gain insights into how members view their relationship with the Association. The responses revealed its members greatly value the support the CCUA provided throughout 2020, including efforts to help them effectively navigate the pandemic.

“As always, and from the onset of the pandemic, we worked tirelessly to support our members,” CCUA President/CEO Ron McLean said. “And we shared that information, education, and advocacy with all credit unions in our area, regardless of affiliation, because it was the right thing to do. By openly sharing our technological resources and expertise, our credit unions were able to focus on helping their members.”

The Association continues to facilitate dialogue and collaboration among credit unions with both neighboring Leagues and preeminent industry leaders nationwide, informing credit unions about compliance, regulatory, HR and other pressing issues as well as coming trends. Comments from their most recent members reflect the multitude of offerings available:

Michael Palladino, President/CEO of Finex Credit Union in Connecticut, noted, “Cooperation and collaboration are the animating ideas behind the credit union. Finex Credit Union is proud to be part of the Cooperative Credit Union Association and community. We appreciate the opportunities it offers us to network, share ideas, and participate in the future of the credit union movement.” 

Delaware State Police Federal Credit Union President/CEO Vince Setnar shared, “DSPFCU is absolutely thrilled to now be a member of the CCUA.  I have come to know Ron and his team at the CCUA have among highest standards and performance in the industry when it comes to knowledge, experience, credit union support, advocacy, communication, and resources – especially in compliance and education. DSPFCU is looking forward to our mutually beneficial relationship and membership at the CCUA.”

“A few years ago, we were granted permission to serve residents and businesses in Hampden, County Mass. by the Banking Commissioner in Connecticut, because we have a significant population of members in Massachusetts, especially those that came from our association with Pratt and Whitney and UTC companies,” shared Dean Marchessault, President/CEO of Connecticut’s American Eagle Financial Credit Union. He continued, “Membership with CCUA has provided a wealth of additional contacts, hints, and new relationships for us to put to good use at our Connecticut-based credit union. Already we have made great contacts and have participated in webinars and C-suite sessions that have been educational and supportive to our membership and staff. We look ahead to strengthening ties with CCUA and its membership.”