CCUA Webinar to Help Credit Unions Enhance Their Efforts to Attract News Media Coverage

Boston's WBZ news reporter Carl Stevens **


CCUA’s Marketing & Business Development Network will present a LIVE conversation with Boston's WBZ news reporter Carl Stevens on September 26 at 1 PM. Working with the News Media and Getting Results will be offered as a complementary 30-minute webinar by CCUA as a first step in helping its members achieve greater success in dealing with the news media.

Pitching the news media to cover an event or an announcement is an art requiring knowledge of how the media works as well as having a writing and presentation skill set geared to effectively communicate and attract the attention of reporters and editors.

“Remember, as a credit union your news release and request for coverage is competing against hundreds of other communicators seeking the same from reporters and editors,” said Walt Laskos, CCUA SVP of Strategic Communications and host for the September 26 event. “This is why knowledge of the media and developing exceptional skills in crafting news releases and in staging media events can make all the difference in the world when it comes to having your pitch be seriously considered or ending up in the trash folder.

A second step in CCUA's "Working with the News Media," currently being planned for Spring 2020, involves a workshop for those tasked with creating news releases and pitching the news media. The workshop will offer instruction on how to properly craft news releases for distribution to editors and reporters. Details will be announced as the plans are finalized. 

To register for the webinar Working with the News Media and Getting Results, click HERE.

** The Daily CU Scan apologizes to Carl Stevens, his fans and friends for incorrectly identifying Mr. Stevens in the Monday, August 12 issue