$39 Million For Dover Air Force Base (DE) Could Be Diverted for Trump’s Border Wall

The Dover Air Force Base is one of several military installations legislators say could lose millions of dollars in funding if the Pentagon is forced to divert funds to President Donald Trump's wall along the Mexican border, reports Delaware online.

The Pentagon sent a 20-page list of military construction projects to Congress last week that might be slashed to pay for the wall. 

Included on that list is a $39 million aircraft hangar at the base in Dover

Democrats expressed hope that by knowing which local projects could be targeted, lawmakers would be likelier to override Trump's veto of a measure aimed at preventing the cuts.

"President Trump promised that Mexico would pay for his wall, but now that he can’t get his way, he’s proposing to take money from military construction projects to pay for it," Sen. Chris Coons tweeted last Tuesday. "And one of the projects possibly on the chopping block is a hangar at Dover AFB. But it’s not just Dover AFB that could be impacted. The President is considering pulling funds from military construction projects in 42 states, DC, U.S. territories & our bases overseas – projects including training centers, schools, fire stations, and air traffic control towers.”

"Needless to say, this is no way to run the government, support our military, or secure the border,” Coons continued. “The President should follow the Constitution and work with Congress to make smart investments in border security, keep the government open and give the military the resources it needs."

Trump declared a national emergency at the Mexican border last month after Congress limited him to just under $1.4 billion to build border barriers. He invoked a law that would let him siphon other budget funds — $3.6 billion from military construction — to build the structures and fulfill his prime 2016 campaign promise.

The House voted to block his emergency by 245-182 in February. The Senate followed on March 14 with a vote of 59-41, including a dozen GOP defections.

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