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Known as ‘Waze for Cybersecurity’ Smart Hive is vendor and technology agnostic, allowing members to learn from other members in real-time. The Smart Hive Smart Score application offers one of the industry’s highest levels of protection from the full spectrum of cyber-attacks…at a fraction of the cost of national brands.

“When it comes to cybersecurity for credit unions, an attack on one means defense for all,” noted Smart Hive CEO Sanjay Patel. “In addition to monitoring the credit union’s own tech stack, we can monitor third-party vendors to further mitigate risks associated with a cyber-attack, including reputation risk. Smart Score is similar to a FICO score for your entire IT structure, systems and compliance policies.”

 Smart Hive services offered include:

  • Daily backups
  • All systems patched
  • No end-of-life infrastructure
  • Information sharing with fellow CUs
  • Endpoint malware protection 24/7
  • Smart Score

To learn more about Smart Hive and how your credit union can deploy the power of the Hive in less than thirty minutes, visit their website at or contact Sanjay Patel, Smart Hive CEO at 774-623-5412 (