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PDP Group's Simply ELT© service will allow credit unions to manage their automobile title and other documents electronically within Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Myarland and Florida. New Jersey and Indiana have passed legislation enacting electronic lien and title. Why wait? Members move to electronic lien and title states. 

"We are excited to offer the members of the Cooperative Credit Union Association, really all credit unions, our premium services at lower rates," says John Yarbrough, PDP Group's Director of Business Development. "We are a proud partner of the Association."

Simply ELT© provides clients with electronic access to titles. Electronic services eleminate fraud as the system reduces manual processing. SimplyELT© allows a lender to receive titles directly from a state DMV, request a paper title without releasing interest on the vehicle, and release the lien on the vehicle and have the title mailed directly to the releae party. 

PDP Group also provides title paper administration, release of services, and title processing services with DMVs across the U.S., along with insurance tracking and insurance solutions. PDP Group has been in business since 1974 and is located in Hunt Valley, Maryland. 

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