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HappyOrNot® customer satisfaction kiosks enable credit unions to obtain immediate member feedbackat the point of experience and monitor daily branch performance via a cloud based Reporting Service. The HappyOrNot customer satisfaction kiosks ask a single question to which members respond anonymously by pressing one of four buttons: a green smiley face, a green semi-smiley face, a red semi-frown face, or a full-blown red frown. Responses are recorded along with the date and time, and then uploaded nightly to the HappyOrNot central server via a SIMS cell card obatined within each kiosk. The server generates reports that are automatically emailed to management with valuable insights on overall satisfaction levels and more importantly points to specific times of the day where service can be improved. HappyOrNot Smiley Terminals (kiosks) are used by credit unions and credit union associations across North America as well as 1,500 leading retail and service chain organizations across 60 countries. The HappyOrNot kiosks are provided and managed by DoublePort LLC, an authorized HappyOrNot partner specializing in the sales and deployment of the devices to credit unions and banks throughout North America. 

Contact: Ed Gundrum, co-founder, CEO DoublePort, LLC

Telephone: 978-474-0187

Website: www.happy-or-not.com