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Reach out to your members and offer them the access and convenience they want, with easily recognized nationwide terminals and the latest tools for locating them. A single source provides everything you need. CO-OP network supports its vast fleet of ATMs with a high-visibility signage program and marketing materials through CO-OP Marketing Portal. And a full suite of locator tools makes it simple to find the nearest ATM using a mobile, landline or online connection.

  • Make it easy for your members to locate surcharge-free ATMs with iPhone apps, text messaging, and 888-SITE-COOP (888-748-3266).
  • Increase traffic to your ATMs with a subsidized signage program that leverages national recognition of the CO-OP ATM logo.
  • CO-OP Marketing Portal: Build awareness with your members about the access and convenience your credit union offers. The Marketing Portal lends a hand by providing turnkey consumer materials and marketing strategy guides.
  • CO-OP ATM Signage Program: Refreshed signage makes it easy for members to identify your ATMs as part of the nearly 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs on CO-OP network.
  • CO-OP Locator Services: Point the way to the nearest surcharge-free ATM, wherever your members may be, with a range of tools that gives them a choice of all the leading technologies, including mobile devices, online and text messaging.

PIN POS: The partnership CO-OP has with First Data offers turnkey access to a full-coverage PIN POS network though a service specifically designed for credit unions. Help make your debit card the one your members reach for first by providing access to nearly 2 million PIN POS locations across the country. Be there for your members whether they're shopping, dining out, or paying bills. And make your employees' lives easier with intuitive access to reports and expert advice to drive profitability and control losses. All with the power of the most comprehensive, best-in-class signature debit, PIN, and credit processing solution available for credit unions. Because the forefront of payments innovation is where your credit union belongs.

To learn more about CO-OP Financial Services, visit their website. For additional information, email Dean Martino, Association Director of Business Development, Sales and Service or call 1-800-842-1242.

Contact: Dean Martino

Telephone: 800-842-1242