Marketing Resources

Understanding the needs of members and potential members and getting credit union products and services that meet those needs in front of them is the essence of marketing and the essence of the credit union commitment to its members. The Association provides a variety of services to assist credit unions in this effort and to help them get maximum value from their marketing budgets.

Marketing Consultation

Members are encouraged to call the Marketing and Public Relations Department when they are looking for marketing resources or if they have questions.  League staff members have many years of experience in credit union marketing as well as access to a large number of credit union marketing resources.  A call to the League is a great way to start researching a marketing related topic.  Also, because of the discussions League staff have had with other credit union personnel, often a referral can be made to a credit union marketer who has found an interesting solution to the situation being studied.  For additional information, contact Walter Laskos, Chief Communications Officer, or call 1-800-842-1242 ext. 343.

Marketer’s Network

The Marketer's Network is a self directed informal group of marketing professionals that meet on a regular (quarterly) basis to network and share information on timely marketing topics.  Anyone who is the marketing officer at their credit union or works in the marketing department of their credit union is encouraged to attend.  For more information, contact Walter Laskos, Chief Communications Officer, or call 1-800-842-1242 ext 343.

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