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MemberClose is a powerful and cost effective settlement services tool developed specifically for credit unions.  MemberClose is designed to save money on the time it takes and the cost to process all types of home equity and first mortgage loans.  With over 185 participating credit unions, it is the largest provider of this web-based service to credit unions.  MemberClose employs a single-point dashboard which aggregates nationally recognized vendors and service providers into one easy-to-use solution.  With one user name and password, credit unions can securely order Credit Reports, Flood Certificates, AVMs, Gap Appraisals, Full Appraisals, Property Reports, Title Insurance, Compliant Loan Docs, Closing Services, e-Recording Services, and much more.

MemberClose is part of Members Insurance Agency, LLC, a for credit unions only business that is owned by the Massachusetts Credit Union League, the New Hampshire Credit Union League, and the Credit Union Association of Rhode Island.

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