Technology Consulting

The credit union industry has gone from pencil and pen to calculator to computer in the blink of an eye. The successful use of technology has created unprecedented opportunities for growth and success, as serving your members is no longer limited to on-site customer service. The Internet and ATM technology put your credit union in every community and in every home.

Management of these resources has also required enormous investment in infrastructure and security.

While creating opportunities for success, technology also creates opportunities for fraud and loss.  Protecting against robbery was a matter of investment in traditional security devices such as video cameras, alarms, and risk management staff training.  Robbery and mismanagement were the menaces of the past.  Hacking is the greater risk.  Credit unions must be vigilant, make the necessary decisions and investments to protect their operations.

With assistance from our business partners, the Association can help you take advantage of the latest technologies while helping to ensure that your operations remain safe.  Whether changing your ISP or phone service, optimizing local area networks, or safeguarding your operation through firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and employee monitoring software, the Association is your on-call consultant and supporter.

Interested? Contact

Dean Martino, Director, Business Development for help in matching your needs with the Association's CU Connect business partners. or 800-842-1242 ext. 315