Strategic Planning

A formal plan has become a credit union main stay. It is one of the first things that will be reviewed when the credit union is examined by the regulators.

This plan and the process that the credit union undergoes in order to create it are far more than regulatory requirements, however.  In the best case, it represents the agreement among all of the credit union's stakeholders as to the direction of the credit union.  At the very least, it should provide practical direction regarding the goals, finances, product emphasis, communications direction, and membership interaction.

Planning is an essential task at every credit union; however, it is a real challenge to build it into an already full schedule.  Good planning requires research, clear communication, open discussion, excellent documentation, and objectivity.  Credit unions cannot afford to approach planning like an afterthought or an annual nuisance.

Drawing on the expertise of the League’s talented and experienced planning professionals helps credit unions craft business plans that catalogue all of the vital measurement rubrics which must be documented for the upcoming year.  This partnership takes the credit union business plan far beyond that simple stage.  The process can include assisting with or directing research, organizing schedules and locations, facilitating planning sessions, and creating reports and planning documents.

The goal is to ensure that when the planning process is over the credit union has a working document that will play an ongoing role in strategic decision making as well as help credit union staff make tactical and operational moves in a fashion consistent with the overall goals of the credit union.

The League’s Strategic Planning Services partners with its credit unions to create business plans that help credit unions plot their direction.  Each plan is the result of extensive analytical preparation, a planning session involving key credit union personnel and officials, and the step-by-step production of a detailed, written business plan.  For more information email Dean Martino, CCUA Director of Business Development, Sales and Service at or call 1-800-842-1242.