Recommended Preparations

Credit union preparedness plans should include: 

  • A preventative program to reduce the likelihood that operations will be significantly affected by a pandemic event;
  • A documented strategy which provides for scaling pandemic efforts;
  • A comprehensive framework of facilities, systems, or procedures to continue critical operations if large number of staff are unavailable for prolonged periods;
  • A testing program to ensure the pandemic planning practices and capabilities are effective; and
  • An oversight program to ensure ongoing review and updates are made to the pandemic plan.


  • Encourage the use of mobile banking via website connectivity and banking apps among the credit union's membership.
  • Keep members informed on the various steps the credit union is taking to minimize exposure and mitigate service interruptions.
  • Review public communications associated with business continuity.

       Human Resources (HR)

  • Develop plans to facilitate employees working from home should the need be warranted.
  • Educate staff about the virus and on ways to prevent infection and its spread.
  • Provide guidance to employees who travel.
  • Facilitate discussion on ways to manage or reschedule upcoming meetings and workshops should the need be warranted.

       Information Technology (IT)

  • Review and test all remote banking applications.
  • Review and update business continuity plans and operations.

       Facility Management

  • Provide hand sanitizer stations for members and all staff.
  • Ensure an ample supply of hand soap is available in all restrooms.
  • Increase office cleaning efforts to include wipedowns of door knobs, table tops, etc. with a sanitizer solution.

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