Additional Resources: Delaware

Delaware Coronavirus Tracker: PPP Lender Fee Update; NCUA Supervisory Priorities; and Federal Reserve Economic Update – 7.15.20

Delaware Coronavirus Tracker: Delaware Congressional Delegation Webinar; PPP Update; NCUA Update; TCPA Update – 7.13.20

Delaware Coronavirus Tracker: Reopening; NCUA Update; CFPB, FinCEN Update; PPP Update; Power of Attorney Update – 7.11.20

Delaware Coronavirus Tracker: Reopening; State Foreclosure Roundup; PPP Update; NCUA Update; CA Privacy Act; Save-the-Date Congressional Delegation Webinar – 7.1.20

Delaware Coronavirus Tracker: PPP Update, NCUA Update, Regulation D Comment Letter; Flood Insurance; CFPB Update – 6.29.20

Delaware Coronavirus Tracker: PPP Update; NCUA Exam Guidance; CFPB Consumer Reporting; Mortgage Foreclosures – 6.19.20

Delaware Coronavirus Tracker: PPP Update; NCUA Releases – 6.17.20

Delaware Coronavirus Tracker: Reopening; PPP Update; Forbearance Program; W-2 Scam Tips – 6.11.20

Delaware Coronavirus Tracker: Reopening; PPP Update; Accounting Guidance; NCUA EXIM Partnership and FOM Litigation; Regulation D Survey; Deadlines – 6.10.20

Delaware Coronavirus Tracker: PPP Update; Financial Inclusion; CDC and OSHA Updated Guidance; Equifax Settlement; Deadlines -6.6.20

Delaware Coronavirus Tracker: Federal Letters; NCUA Examinations and Military Members; Cyber Insurance tips; Driver Licenses; Mortgage Provider; U.S. House Schedule – 5.29.10

Delaware Congressional Delegation Letter on Credit Union Coronavirus Priority Issues – 5.26.20

Delaware Coronavirus Tracker- Special Edition: PPP Loan Forgiveness and Lender Responsibilities and Fees – 5.26.20

Delaware Coronavirus Tracker: PPP Loans; SAFE ACT; CDFI; Corporate Rule; CFPB/AG credit scores lawsuit; Mortgage Loss Mitigation and Small Dollar Lending; EIPs – 5.22.20

Delaware Coronavirus Tracker-NCUA Board Summary; CFPB Time Barred Debt; Reminder Complimentary Member Benefit - 5.21.20

Delaware Coronavirus Tracker: State Update; PPP Deadline; Reg. D; Small Dollar Loans; CFPB Wrap-Up; FINCen Scams; IRS EIPs; Data Sharing – 5.20.20

Delaware Coronavirus Tracker: PPP Update; FHFA Forbearance Update; NCUA Culture, Diversity and Inclusion Council; Equifax Settlement – 5.19.20

Delaware Coronavirus Tracker: Heroes Act; PPP and Forgiveness Update; Unemployment Fraud Ring – 5.17.20

Delaware Coronavirus Tracker: State Legislative Update; CARES 2.0 Update; NCUA Regulatory Alert 20-RA-04; PPP Update; EIDL Update; PPP Fraud – 5.15.20

Delaware Coronavirus Tracker: FHFA Payment Deferral; PPP Update Loan Increases; Guide to Legislative and Regulatory Changes; NCUA Board Agenda – 5.14.20

Delaware Coronavirus Tracker: CARES Act 2.0 Draft; PPP Update on Necessity Certification, Form 1502, Forgiveness; IG Report on PPP Loans – 5.13.20

Delaware CUs - Member Impact Report - 5.5.2020

DE COVID-19 Tracker | Special Edition: PPP Loan Forgiveness and Best Practices and CARES Act 2.0 DRAFT – 5.12.20

DE COVID-19 Tracker: 3 Regulatory Changes; NCUA Letter/Regulatory Alert; CFPB; CARES Act 2.0; PPP Update; Economic Impact Payments – 5.11.20

DE COVID-19 Tracker: Request for 3 Regulatory Changes; Cares Act 2.0; PPP; CECL Guidance – 5.8.20

DE Coronavirus Tracker: Cares Act 2.0; EIPs to Deceased Members; NCUA Low-Income Designation; SBA PPP FAQs – 5.7.20

DE Coronavirus Tracker: Governor Carney Issues Order on Face Coverings; Updated PPP FAQs – 5.4.20

Delaware Coronavirus Tracker: PPP Lending Updates - 4.28.20

Delaware CU Operating Hours - COVID-19 - 4.6.20

Delaware Coronavirus Tracker Update - PPP - 4.6.20

CCUA Compliance Resources for COVID-19 (DE) - 3.27.20

Delaware Advocacy Update on Coronavirus - 3.24.20

Delaware Governor Carney Closes Non-Essential Business  - 3.23.20

Delaware List of Essential and Nonessential Businesses During Coronavirus - 3.23.20

Delaware Regulatory Directives, Recommendations and Provisions Relative to Coronavirus -  3.16.20

Delaware Department of Labor Expands Unemployment - 3.17.20

Delaware Governor Carney Requests SBA Assistance - 3.17.20

Delaware Department of Health