It pays to prepare for the worst. RecoveryPro can help.

Your members look to you to protect their assets in case an unforeseen disaster occurs, so it’s critical for credit unions to have a blueprint for emergency preparedness.
Disruption or loss of access to core business functions can have severe consequences for credit unions and their members. RecoveryPro guides credit unions through the creation, maintenance, and testing of robust Business Continuity Plans (BCPs).

RecoveryPro Video Tour - this 15 minute video is a great introduction to the RecoveryPro system. 

Templates and sample content lead the credit union through the collection and presentation of data, and a full content management system provides a secure online platform for management and staff to access the BCP for review and testing, or in the event of a disaster or work stoppage event.

Planning guides provide direction and support to your team and make the content development process user-friendly, maximizing the benefits of RecoveryPro’s subject matter expertise. The program walks credit unions though a complete business impact analysis to identify and prioritize key business processes, the creation of a business continuity plan for use in recovering from a disaster, and an incident management plan for use in responding to a developing event. From there, credit unions have the option to add more elements, such as risk assessment and comprehensive policies.

Modular publishing options in RecoveryPro allow you to separate action content from audit content, getting you to the information you need quickly in a disaster while also providing the deeper program, policy, and process information required by auditors.

You need RecoveryPro

Let us help you navigate through the complexities of disaster preparedness. Take advantage of all RecoveryPro has to offer so your credit union stands ready for the unexpected and your members assets are protected.


  • Guidance on key information needed to develop planning objectives
  • Incident Response identifies what is needed to manage developing incidents
  • Business Impact Analyses identify and prioritize critical business functions
  • Actionable Business Continuity Plan components for any event type
  • Validation & maintenance to ensure your BCP is effective and up to date

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