ATM Skimming Prevention Toolkit

ATM Skimming attacks have occurred at alarming levels over the past year at many financial institutions, including credit unions in the New England area.  

"Card-skimming" thieves use hidden devices to "skim" personal information like account numbers and PINs from debit and credit cards.  Armed with this information, thieves can swiftly clean out accounts or make unauthorized purchases.  In most cases, credit unions will be liable for these losses if the skimming occurs at one of their ATM locations or affects a credit union member.  

What can a credit union do to protect their institution and their members?  

What steps need to be taken if an ATM skimming event occurs?

This ATM Skimming Prevention Toolkit includes practical information for a credit union to:

  • Understand what ATM skimming is and how it occurs;
  • Assess the risk of a skimming attack at a credit union;
  • Develop policies to address risks like ATM skimming and similar identity theft;
  • Train staff to perform inspections and spot alterations. 
  • Educate credit union members to be aware of ATM skimming attempts; and,
  • Respond appropriately to an ATM skimming attack, if one occurs.


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