Compliance Hotline

Compliance is often cited as the greatest obstacle credit unions regularly face. As a CCUA member, you don't have to carry the compliance burden alone - we have partnered with ViClarity to provide enhanced compliance services as part of your membership benefits. ViClarity is a leading compliance services and technology company owned by a number of state credit union associations and serves credit unions from across the country.

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Through our partnership with ViClarity, employees of CCUA -member credit unions are able to connect with ViClarity’s team of compliance professionals for answers to their compliance questions: 

By telephone - 800-842-1242, press option 4 

By email -

Our Compliance Hotline is available to all member credit unions, and credit union staff are encouraged to utilize this dues-supported service.

Compliance Hotline Question of the Week:

Question: Does an EFT initiated by a fraudster with stolen credentials meet Reg E’s definition of an unauthorized EFT?

Answer: Yes, Reg E defines an unauthorized EFT as a transfer from a consumer’s account initiated by a person other than the consumer without actual authority to initiate the transfer and from which the consumer receives no benefit. 12 CFR 1005.2(m). When a consumer’s account access information is obtained from a third party through fraudulent means such as computer hacking, and a hacker uses that information to make an EFT from the consumer’s account, the transfer is an unauthorized EFT under Regulation E.


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