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Compliance is often cited as the greatest obstacle credit unions regularly face. As a CCUA member, you don't have to carry the compliance burden alone - we have partnered with ViClarity to provide enhanced compliance services as part of your membership benefits. ViClarity is a leading compliance services and technology company owned by a number of state credit union associations and serves credit unions from across the country.

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Through our partnership with ViClarity, employees of CCUA -member credit unions are able to connect with ViClarity’s team of compliance professionals for answers to their compliance questions: 

By telephone - 800-842-1242, press option 4 

By email -

Our Compliance Hotline is available to all member credit unions, and credit union staff are encouraged to utilize this dues-supported service.

Compliance Hotline Question of the Week:

Question: Can federally insured credit unions accept appraisals transferred from other financial institutions?

Answer: Yes, so long as:

  • The appraiser is engaged directly by the institution transferring the appraisal;
  • The appraiser has no direct or indirect interest in the property or transaction;
  • The existing appraisal or evaluation remains valid; and
  • The credit union determines the appraisal conforms to the NCUA Part 722, appraisal regulation, and any inter-agency guidelines (for example, Letter No. 05-CU-06), and is otherwise appropriate.

Credit unions must perform more thorough reviews when accepting appraisals from non-regulated institutions to verify the appraisals comply with Part 722 and have sufficient information to support the lending decisions.

In addition, credit unions should determine whether appropriate documentation is available to confirm that the institution (not the borrower) ordered the appraisal.


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