2020 Massachusetts CU Student Essay Contest

Organized by the Cooperative Credit Union Association, administered by the Massachusetts Chapters, and delivered directly through the credit unions, the Massachusetts Credit Union Student Essay Contest program provides a unique opportunity for credit unions to demonstrate their involvement in their local community through outreach to schools, families, and young people, and engagement in an educational activity. 

Opened to seventh and eighth graders, participating students this year were asked to write an essay of 250 words or less on the following topic:

“If you were the CEO of your local credit union, what would you have your credit union do to show that you truly believe in the ‘People Helping People’ philosophy of the credit union movement?”


Chloe Donahue, sponsored by St. Jean’s Credit Union, Tri-County Chapter
Pickering Middle School     |     Principal: Kevin Rittershaus; Teacher: Kerri Boudreault

FINALISTS (in alphabetical order):





Fayla Blanchette, sponsored by Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union, Tri-County Chapter
Lowell Catholic Elementary School     |     Principal: Mr. Price; Teacher: Mrs. Cooke

Kendall Bodak, sponsored by Pioneer Valley Credit Union, Pioneer Valley Chapter
Monson High School     |     Principal: William Metzger

Ava Duffy, sponsored by Methuen FCU, Tri-County Chapter
Marsh Grammar School     |     Principal: Ms. Gordon; Teacher: Molly Ragucci

Arielle Kahn, sponsored by Metro Credit Union, Tri-County Chapter
Tower School     |     Principal: Serena Gifford; Teacher: Karen Van Adzin

Robert McDonough, sponsored by MassMutual FCU, Pioneer Valley Chapter
Williams Middle School     |     Principal: Dr. Neil Gile; Teacher: Kathryn Barsevich

Katelyn Mooney, sponsored by St. Anne’s CU of Fall River, Mass Southern MA Chapter
Holy Trinity School     |     Principal: Mrs. Gagnon; Teacher: Dorothy Mahoney-Pacheco





Lily Passmore, sponsored by Worcester Credit Union, Central MA Chapter
Forest Grove Middle School     |     Principal: Matthew Morse; Teacher: Carla Morocco