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In the wake of the Silicon Valley Bank failure, CCUA is providing timely resources and information to assist you with your member communications. Continue to visit this page as it will be updated as the story unfolds. 

Meeting hosted by CCUA’s President/CEO Ron McLean Monday, March 13th to share and discuss important aspects surrounding Silicon Valley Bank’s recent collapse and a credit union response. Joining in the call was CUNA’s Chief Economist Mike Schneck, who offered his insights, citing his almost 40 years of experience in the financial services industry.



Credit Unions Safety & Soundness Talking Points (CUNA)

Sample: Staff Communication

Sample: Member Communication

CU Deposits are Safe

Massachusetts Share Insurance Corporation (In the State of Massachusetts)

CUNA SVB-Related Resource Page

Ron McLean Statement Addressing Current Banking Concerns (March 15, 2023)

McLean Delivers the Credit Union Message Across the Financial Exchange Radio Network  (March 20, 2023)


In the News

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