Awards of Excellence

Awards of Excellence honorees are the best of the best and never hesitate to go the extra mile for their members and the credit union industry. The coronavirus has not stopped CCUA from holding its awards program, CCUA Awards of Excellence, nor did it dampen the spirits of last year’s winners. These awards continue to place a greater emphasis on honoring the people who make a difference by their personal embrace of the credit union system and its values and principles - the heroes and “credit union legends” among us who set examples for all to follow.



The categories for the 2021 CCUA Awards of Excellence and the guidelines/eligibilities for nominees include:


People are the backbone of an outstanding credit union. Their dedication to cooperative values coupled with a willingness to go above and beyond to provide service quality to members distinguishes the credit union from its industry peers within the financial services marketplace. They make credit unions shine! Many of the stories describing their attitudes, commitment and service may sound like the folklore of legends, but in reality they describe the heroes of the credit union industry, the trend setters, whose example is for all a model to embrace and follow.

Paid professionals (excluding the CEO) of affiliated credit unions may be nominated.


The Chief Executive Officer is at the heart of every credit union, responsible for a myriad of duties which ultimately define the organization’s culture and its success. Leading the credit union’s efforts to achieve growth in the many ways it serves its members; being an inspiration to the team by constantly motivating them to excellence; and engaging the community as the credit union’s chief ambassador are just a few of the requirements associated with the person who occupies the corner office.

CEOs of affiliated credit unions may be nominated. 


Look beyond the walls of a credit union to discover a pillar of the industry, volunteers who have given freely of their time, energy, wisdom, and knowledge to help guide and nurture a credit union to success, year in and year out. Volunteers serve as members of the board and in other capacities of leadership and inspiration. Their service and commitment is legendary, truly an example of “people helping people.”

Credit union directors, committee members at Association member credit unions may be nominated.


Cooperative Credit Union Association Hall of Fame members have devoted their lives to the philosophy and success of the credit union movement, and they have made a significant impact on credit unions at the local, state, and / or national levels. Whether it’s inspirational leadership and bold decision-making, which resulted in growth and improvement; personal dedication and commitment in delivering exemplary service; or voluntary contributions of countless time and energy that have enriched the lives of all within the industry, such achievements are a testament to a career worthy of the highest respect, honor and recognition.

Hall of Fame nominees must have been affiliated with Association credit unions.



The nominating process is easy as 1, 2, 3:

1) Nominations accepted from CCUA member credit unions - anyone can make the nomination.

2) Simply send an email to communications@CCUA.Org BY NOON ON FRIDAY, JULY 30, 2021 that includes:

  • Nomination category
  • Candidate’s name and contact information (email & phone)
  • Why you think they deserve the recognition (1,000 words or less please)
  • Hi-res photo of the candidate (head shot)
  • Photos or video clips of candidate that showcase how they set an example  (for CCUA to create award video)
  • Marketing contact at your credit union (email & phone)

3) There are no limits to the number of nominations* a credit union can make!
*CCUA employees, board members, and awards committee members are not eligible for nomination in any category.


Entries received by the nomination deadline of NOON on JULY 30, 2021 will be judged by the awards committee made up of a panel of credit union representatives, and winners will be recognized at the APEX 2021 Awards Luncheon on October 14, 2021.

Winners will be notified no later than Friday, August 13, 2021.

For more information, please forward all questions to Walter Laskos (


2021 Awards of Excellence Honorees