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Webinars 06/18/19 Webinar: Regulation E Series: Reg E Fundamentals
Webinars 06/19/19 Webinar: Electronic Returned Items: Combating Fraud
Special Events 06/20/19 New Hampshire Credit Unions: Senior Financial Exploitation Review and Update - June 20, 2019
Webinars 06/20/19 Webinar: Consumer Collection Series: Effective Debt Collection Techniques & Strategies
Webinars 06/24/19 Webinar: Complying with the 2019 SAR Cyber-Event Reporting Requirements
Networks 06/25/19 IT Network Meeting - June 25, 2019
Chapter Meetings 06/25/19 Southern Mass Chapter Meeting - June 25, 2019
Webinars 06/26/19 Webinar: Card Data Security: PCI-DSS Risk, Readiness & Compliance
Special Events 06/27/19 Stephen Jones Charity Golf Tournament - June 27, 2019
Webinars 06/27/19 Webinar: Living, Grantor & Family Trust Accounts: Common Problems in Account Opening & Lending
Webinars 07/01/19 Webinar: ALLL Supporting Documentation: Current Rules & Future Expectations Under CECL
Webinars 07/02/19 Webinar: Managing Accounts & Records for Nonresident Aliens: Opening, Identifying, Monitoring & Tax Reporting
Webinars 07/09/19 Webinar: Mortgage Lending Hot Spot Series: Surviving a TRID Compliance Exam
Special Events 07/15/19 Credit Unions of Rhode Island Charity Golf Tournament
Webinars 07/16/19 Webinar: IRA Series: Processing IRA Rollovers & Transfers
Webinars 07/18/19 Webinar: Regulation E Series: Legally Handling ATM & Debit Card Claims Under Regulation E
Webinars 07/23/19 Webinar: Call Report Series: Call Report Preparation: Avoiding Common Errors
Webinars 07/24/19 Webinar: Outsourcing Tech Services: Regulations, Examiner Expectations & Actions for Vendor Management
Webinars 07/25/19 Webinar: What Are Those Business Tax Returns Telling Me?
Webinars 07/31/19 Webinar: Consumer Collection Series: 20 Common Mistakes in Consumer Collections
Webinars 08/01/19 Webinar: IRA Series: IRA Reporting, Common Issues & Error Resolution
Webinars 08/06/19 Webinar: Mortgage Lending Hot Spots Series: Adverse Action in Mortgage Lending: Compliance, Notices & Best Practices
Webinars 08/07/19 Webinar: Official Demands Part 1: Handling Subpoenas, Summonses & Other Legal Process
Webinars 08/08/19 Webinar: New Security Officer Training: Responsibilities
Webinars 08/13/19 Webinar: Advanced Financial Literacy Update for New & Experienced Directors: ALM Primer & Financial Accounting & Risk Issues

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