New Hampshire Regulatory Advocacy

Working with the New Hampshire Banking Department, and the numerous other regulatory bodies that credit unions interact with is an equally important function for the Association. Key activities include: commenting on pending regulatory changes, establishing dialogue with regulators concerning important industry issues and trends, and assisting credit unions in interpreting existing regulations.

The Association goes far beyond reporting on new initiatives, however, by taking a proactive role in assisting credit unions work with regulators to build a regulatory environment that will benefit and protect credit unions and their members. Anticipating regulatory change, promoting dialogue between credit unions and the New Hampshire Banking Department, interpreting existing regulation, and acting as an advocate for credit unions in regulatory forums are vital services delivered by the Association.

CCUA Letter to the New Hampshire Congressional Delegation on New GSE Fees - August 17, 2020

New Hampshire Banking Department

The New Hampshire Banking Department provides guidance to the credit unions that it regulates through its website.









Contact Us

Contact the Association at 800-842-1242, option 8, or with any questions or concerns.

  • Mary Ann Clancy, SVP and General Counsel,, Ext. 305, cell: 508-294-5626
  • Katherine Butler, VP Advocacy,, Ext. 320, cell: 508-335-6954