Massachusetts Legislative Advocacy

The Association’s legislative effort is focused on the twin tasks of preserving an environment that is conducive to the success of Massachusetts’ credit unions and helping credit unions function within that environment.

The Association acts as an advocate for the credit unions of Massachusetts, making certain that the needs of credit unions and their members are well known and clearly understood to the lawmakers who draft the laws which govern the operation of credit unions. That proactive position involves formulating and drafting legislation that allows credit unions to continue in their role as an effective and friendly financial resource for consumers. Defending credit unions from legislative assaults mounted by competitors seeking to use the Legislature in order to gain advantages in the marketplace is an equally important function.

Massachusetts General Court

2019-2020 Senate Committee Assignments

2019-2020 House Committee Assignments

CCUA Briefing to the Massachusetts General Court

 Joint Committee on Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure October 7, 2019 Public Hearing
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Joint Committee on Financial Services September 11, 2019 Public Hearing
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Joint Committee on Municipalities and Regional Government - September 10, 2019 
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 Summary of 2019-2020 Massachusetts Legislative Proposals
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2019-2020 Association Legislative Filings Overview
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Massachusetts Senate Ways and Means Committee Credit Union Comments (S. 2631) - 4.13.20

Massachusetts Member-Only Conference Call on 2019-2020 Legislative Filings - November 27, 2018
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2017-2018 Legislative Session

Summary of Additional Key Legislative Proposals


Modernization Talking Points
Modernization Testimony Joint Committee on Financial Services

Bill  H.4612 - An Act Modernizing the Credit Union Laws

Bill S.2556 - An Act Modernizing the Credit Union Laws 

2018 Credit Union Modernization Bill Key Highlights

An Act Modernizing the Credit Union Laws Section-by-Section Summary

An Act Modernizing the Credit Union Laws One Page Summary

An Act Modernizing the Credit Union Laws Key Changes

Public Funds

Public Funds Talking Points

Public Funds Testimony Joint Committee on Financial Services

Public Funds Testimony Joint Committee Municipalities and Regional Govt

Senate 577, An Act Relative to Public Funds 

House 2956, An Act Relative to Public Funds 

An Act Relative to Public Funds Section-by-Section Summary

Sample Public Funds Letter for Policymakers

Banker Testimony About Credit Unions

Credit Union Modernization Bill - Beverly Bank

Credit Union Modernization Bill - Middlesex Savings

Credit Union Public Funds - Adams Community Bank

Credit Union Public Funds - Eagle Bank

Credit Union Public Funds - Unibank

Fair Competition - Baycoast Bank

Fair Competiton - Pittsfield CO-OP Bank

Informational Hearing Banking Testimony

Interstate Branching - MCUSIC

Other CCUA Testimony

Check Cashing

Credit Building

Credit Freeze

Data Security

Fair Competition- Baycoast Bank


Foreclosues - Alternatives and Vacated Property

Foreclosures -  Judgements and Relocation

Foreclosures- Judicial Review


Interchange #2

Privacy of Consumer Financial Information

Public Funds, Money Transmittal Agencies, Finance Companies, Retirement Savings, Registry of Deeds Foreclosure Filings, and Emergig Financial Technologies

Savings Accounts, Mortgage Lending, and CRA

Towing and Storage

State Advocacy Day

Massachusetts Credit Union Day is held in two year cycles to coincide with the cycle of the General Court in the State House. The day is officially declared Credit Union Day in the Commonwealth by the Governor to increase the visibility of the valuable work of credit unions across the state in the public arena. The program includes legislative speakers and begins and concludes with individual Hill visits at which both the House and Senate are briefed on the Association’s legislative priorities by credit unions. The program also launches a series of follow-up visits and communication with lawmakers in local credit unions and districts. 

2019 Massachusetts Credit Union Day - coming soon

2017  Massachusetts Credit Union Day  - Nov. 1, 2017

Make a Difference and Advocate With Your State Lawmaker in the Convenience of Your Credit Union

Massachusetts Division of Banks - Guidance on Govenrment Shutdown

Massachusetts Regulatory Roundtable  - May 9, 2019

Letter on Sharing Information with the Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston

Letter to industry on LIBOR Discontinuance

Letter to Congressional Leaders Regarding Marijuana Legislation

Letter on April 2019 Financial Capability Month

Massachusetts Advocacy Committee Meetings
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May 7, 2020 Meeting Materials



Massachusetts Advocacy Committee Meeting Summary - 5.7.20

Baker Administration Reopening Credit Union Briefing

Coronavirus Survey Results

Letter to Judiciary Committee on Remote Notarization

Massachusetts CULAC/MCULPAC Report

Political Endorsement Policy - View in Member-Only Content Below

Summary of 2019-2020 Legislative Proposals

Summary of Additional Key Credit Union Legislative Proposals: 2019-2020



Contact Us

Contact the Association at 800-842-1242, option 8, or with any questions or concerns.

  • Mary Ann Clancy, SVP and General Counsel,, Ext. 305, cell: 508-294-5626
  • Katherine Butler, VP Advocacy,, Ext. 320, cell: 508-335-6954
  • Carole Langiu, Director Communications/Governmental Affairs,, Ext. 318, cell: 302-531-8278

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