Congressional Advocacy

Representing the interests of member credit unions before Congress is a paramount concern for the  Association. The Association goes to great lengths to build and maintain strong and positive relationships with the Congressional delegations from Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. By creating those relationships the Association can gain the access it needs to make the case for credit unions when issues that matter to the credit union community are being heard. The Association works closely with leaders from the local credit union community to develop strategies that will lead to legislative success. It also coordinates with credit unions to leverage the valuable relationships that they have built with the lawmakers that represent them on Capitol Hill.

The Association holds numerous events throughout the year to reach out to the various congressional delegations to ensure that we are visible and well understood. These include an annual Hike the Hill program as well as a strong presence at the CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference (GAC) which is held in Washington, D.C. each year in the first quarter. This GAC is the biggest credit union event held in the nation each year. In addition, the Association organizes dozens of meetings with individual lawmakers in the district each year.

Writing and filing testimony on legislation is a key part of the Association's legislative activities. Before that work gets started, the Association works closely with credit union leaders to learn what issues are of the greatest concern and what specific remedies are needed. The Association gathers that information through group and individual meetings, surveys, and careful analysis of written material from a wide variety of sources. 


To view key issues for the 2018 Governmental Affairs Conference, please visit the Association's 2018 Advocacy Events Page.

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