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The Association acts as an advocate for the credit unions of Delaware, making certain that the needs of credit unions and their members are well known and clearly understood to the lawmakers. Defending credit unions from legislative assaults mounted by competitors seeking to use the Legislature in order to gain advantages in the marketplace is an equally important function.

Current Legislative Session Summary

The Association closely monitors and tracks state legislation on behalf of members. Click here for the latest update.

While the General Assembly is meeting virtually this session, the public will have an opportunity to watch a live stream and will also be able to playback the recorded proceedings. Learn More

Delaware Credit Unions and Their State Lawmakers

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State Advocacy Day
The annual Delaware Credit Union Day reception takes place to position credit unions to be top of mind with the General Assembly. The event, declared "Credit Union Day" in the First State by the Governor, provides an opportunity to celebrate and thank elected officials for their continued commitment to credit unions, their members and their communities.

It also provides an excellent opportunity for the credit union community and the leaders of state government to meet and discuss our shared goal of enhancing the financial well-being of the people of Delaware. Cordial networking and discussions continue following formal presentations and briefings on key issues.

Delaware Small Business Caucus 
In 2009, Delaware’s House of Representatives founded the Small Business Caucus to craft legislation and policy that will help Delaware’s small business owners. The bipartisan caucus is composed of 10 representatives who either own a small business or work in one; however, the caucus opens its doors to legislators, county officials, chamber of commerce leaders and business owners to listen to ideas about how Delaware can be a better state for entrepreneurs. The caucus also advises other lawmakers on the implications legislation has for small business owners. The group also works closely with the Delaware Economic Development Office to help them find opportunities.

The engagement of the Delaware Advocacy Committee and the Association with the Small Business Caucus has resulted in a heightened awareness of, and appreciation for, the impact of credit unions in their communities.




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Contact the Association at 800-842-1242, option 8, or with any questions or concerns.

  • Mary Ann Clancy, SVP and General Counsel,, Ext. 305, cell: 508-294-5626
  • Katherine Butler, VP Advocacy,, Ext. 320, cell: 508-335-6954

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