Our Management Team

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Cooperative Credit Union Association, Inc.
845 Donald Lynch Boulevard
Marlborough, MA 01752-4704

Toll Free: (800) 842-1242
Phone: (508) 481-6755
Fax: (508) 481-3586 

President/CEO   |  Ron McLean
Executive Assistant  |  Nicole Lamotte

|  Dawn M. Roberts  
Accounting Assistant |  

Senior Vice President - General Counsel
|  Mary Ann B. Clancy  
Vice President, Advocacy |  Katherine Butler

Director, Business Development, Sales & Services l  Dean V. Martino

Chief Operating Officer, Members Insurance Agency  |  Robert F. Delaney, Jr.
Director, Sales - Members Insurance Agencey & MemberClose   |  Bryce Jackson
Director, Client Services - MemberClose |  Lisa Costello
Administrative Assistant, Members Insurance Agency |  Daunielle A. McNeil

Senior Vice President, Strategic Communications   
|  Walter Laskos
Director, Communications & Community Relations |  Donna M. Bevilacqua
Director, Communications & Governmental Affairs |  Carole Langiu

Director of Compliance Services | Jessica Read
Compliance Hotline: 800.842.1242, press 4

Senior Vice President, Professional Development 
|  William F. Nagle
Director, Education |  Bernadette Hines
Project Manager, Professional Development | Kevin Cole
Administrative Assistant, Professional Development |  Kathleen Garland

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