2019 Awards of Excellence - Steve Silva


Few employees carry as much knowledge about the credit union industry and its marketing practices as does Steve Silva, Vice President of Marketing for Hanscom Federal Credit Union. Steve has been with Hanscom for just over thirteen years, coming on board with the organization after a merger with his former employer, Milestone Federal Credit Union. Steve had been Milestone’s Vice President of Marketing and Business Development since February 2001; prior to then, he was the Vice President of Marketing at Naveo Credit Union from May 1999 until 2001.

Steve’s fingerprint can be found on every marketing initiative Hanscom FCU undertakes…sometimes literally. From concept to strategy, to implementation and project performance metrics, Steve is usually the driving force behind the project, whatever it is.

And when we said his fingerprint is on it, we mean that if signage needs to be delivered to a new branch and no one is available to do it, Steve will be there putting the signs up with his own two hands. There is no task beneath him; in fact, he wouldn’t even think about it that way.

During his tenure at Hanscom, Steve has been closely involved with many successful projects and programs that have contributed to the credit union’s remarkable growth. He has led development of products like CU Thrive, an automated savings account with an attractive A P Y that was designed as a gateway to our checking account products, and a premium-level CASH + REWARDS World Mastercard, which was created to offer our members a better rewards product.

The transition to our new CASH + REWARDS World Mastercard from an existing points program is a great illustration of Steve’s professionalism. Staff acknowledged that many of the credit union’s members liked the existing Member Points program and would not like the change. Steve put in an enormous amount of work on the front end of the project so that these members knew what was happening, why is was occurring, and when they could expect changes. He didn’t want anyone to lose their points, so he ensured that Hanscom’s communications were clear, frequent, and were made available through all marketing platforms including direct mail, email marketing, social media, and on-site messaging. As a result of his commitment to clarity, the transition was a smooth one.

Hanscom’s CASH + REWARDS World Mastercard product ended up winning a bronze MAC Award for its design and development.

Steve’s deep level of marketing knowledge and insight have been invaluable as the credit union has expanded into new communities. He was involved with the development and design of the credit union’s Littleton, MA, operations center, working with architects and designers to create an environment that expressed the values and ideals of the credit union.

Most recently, Steve was the driver of Hanscom’s newest branch at South Bay in Dorchester, Mass. This branch was built from the studs up, and while he came to project with a vast amount of experience handling other branch development projects, Steve came to this one with an open mind, willing to try new things.

One thing you’ll notice about Steve if you work with him: he’s all about the team. Teamwork is his motto. It’s “we,” not “I.” This becomes clear when you learn how involved Steve is with baseball, one of the ultimate team sports. In his youth he was an all-star player, and in adulthood, he travels to Florida to play ball in the winter with a group of friends he met at baseball camp. He brings this cooperative team spirit into the workplace. It’s always team first – working together, supporting each other, and winning as a group.

It is not surprising, then, when in 2018 Steve, along with his family, was honored by the State House of Representatives and the city of Lowell for the fifteen years of volunteer service to the Highland Sports Association and Hadley Field in Lowell.

Steve lives with his wife, Moira, in Lowell, and is the father of three baseball-loving sons, Harrison, Luke, and Declan. Besides the volunteer work he’s done on his own, he is a frequent volunteer at credit union events, such as the Massachusetts Coalition Build a Bed initiative, employee day at Burlington Food Pantry, and the Hanscom FCU Charitable Foundation Memorial Charity Golf Tournament.