2018 Young Professionals - Patrick Sheehey

Patrick Sheehey
St. Mary's Bank Credit Union

We are pleased to nominate Patrick Sheehy of St. Mary’s Bank for the CCUA’s 2018 Award of Excellence in the Young Professional category. Pat is committed, engaged, and enthusiastic about St. Mary’s Bank and the credit union movement.  In his role as Branch Coach Float, he is an exceptional employee. Pat is friendly and outgoing, and he strives to be the best he can be by continually stepping up into roles where he can serve members, his fellow employees, and the community.
– Patrick was recognized by his peers this year, being voted an Internal Service Star in 2018.   

What do fellow employees say about Patrick?

“Patrick is the most positive and enthusiastic team member. He is always willing to go above and beyond for the team, as well as members.” 
-- Mary Letares, Sales and Service Representative 

“Patrick is well respected by not only his peers, but also by all levels of management.” 
Michelle Jordan, Retail Banking Manager and Patrick’s supervisor 
-- Branch Coach Float  

Pat’s day-to-day job as Branch Coach Float for St. Mary’s Bank takes him to each of our branch locations, where he assists new employees transitioning from training to the branch environment. He also provides stellar service to members, either on the teller line or the sales area.  

A Member of our Community Outreach Committee 

In addition to his job, Pat is an active member of the St. Mary’s Bank Community Outreach Committee. This committee reviews applications requesting funding from St. Mary’s Bank’s 1908 Fund and our annual scholarship program. He also serves as Community Outreach ambassador to support our employee volunteerism program and other outreach efforts.  

A Member of St. Mary’s Bank’s Spirit Team 

Pat is an active member of our Spirit Team, which works collaboratively with Human Resources to coordinate employee events throughout the year, including wellness events such as skiing, hiking, apple picking, and employee appreciation events. 

Ambassador of Credit Union Ideals, Serving as St. Mary’s Bank’s Super Saver Mascot  

Pat portrays a super hero of the credit union movement as St. Mary’s Bank’s “Super Saver” mascot. In this role, he represents the Credit Union at community events, giving high-fives to senior citizens, playing keep away with teens, and crouching to sooth crying babies.  He is an ambassador for St. Mary’s Bank at these community events. 

Volunteerism/Community Involvement

Pat is a community volunteer who supports local arts organizations, special events, and the local Boy Scout council, including lending a helping hand to clear downed trees at Camp Carpenter in Manchester when a number of trees were lost during a storm in July 2017. 

Patrick has been featured in many articles in our employee newsletter. The attached excerpts bring to life how he exemplifies his commitment to St. Mary’s Bank, the credit union industry, and our community as a young professional with talent, dedication, and passion for his job.