2018 Young Professionals - Natashia Osborne

Natashia Osborne
DEXSTA Federal Credit Union

I would like to nominate Natashia Osborne for the CCUA Young Professional Award of Excellence. Natashia brings so much more than we could have anticipated to her role at DEXSTA as our Indirect Lending Assistant. Natashia is incredibly efficient in all she does with a very low to non-existent margin of error. She can be counted on to not only complete her assigned tasks quickly and correctly, she will then ask for more tasks or simply find more on her own. Natashia is aware of tasks that her coworkers typically need assistance with due to high volume and she simply dives in to help out whenever possible.

Natashia is highly motivated to learn lending philosophy and procedures even though she does not lend in her current role. Because of her incredible drive and strong grasp of advanced concepts we have realized that we need to reconsider the scope of her current position because she can achieve so much more than what is defined in the role. She is also an avid self-starting student of our Online training portal. She will find time not only during work days once her duties are up to date, she also completes them on her time, on nights and weekends, without any expectation of additional compensation. She simply wants to do everything possible to learn how the credit union functions so she can not only be prepared to advance, but also be more valuable in her current role.

Natashia knows her own limitations as well. She is not simply a “Yes person” or Martyr who will take on more than she can handle only to set herself up for failure. If a given task is not feasible, she will not hesitate to tell me, but she will do it in a way as to collaborate in order to find a better solution or future time she can help to assist.
Best of all is Natashia’ s positive and fun attitude she demonstrates every single day. Natashia can be counted on to meet every task with a smile and a joke that spreads positive morale vibes to others. This is a welcome approach to what can be a role full of repetitive actions.

On a final note, one last demonstration of how valued Natashia is to our organization is the fact that Natashia moved on to other roles in the credit union for a brief time period as a Member Contact Center Representative and Financial Service Representative but found that she fit in best where she had started. Luckily her old  position came available again and she applied for it. I have never been quicker to make a hiring decision or happier to see an employee than when she returned to our department. Natashia is such a valuable asset to our organization that anyone who knows her realizes what an impact she makes for our members on a daily basis.