2018 Young Professionals - Kristen Coia

Kristen Coia
Arrha Credit Union

Kristen joined Arrha Credit Union in 2016 as a Member Service Representative. Kristen quickly demonstrated her knowledge and professionalism advancing her to the Operations Manager position. In her new position, Kristen has worked diligently to improve back office efficiency and productivity. Kristen works closely with the Branch Managers to create a cohesive and positive environment between front and back office employees. She takes the initiative to meet with management on a regular basis to discuss new, innovative ways to improve employee morale, process improvement, member service, and departmental support. Her involvement in this aspect of the credit union has enhanced communication.  She truly as a rising young professional.

Most recently, Kristen exceeded expectations when she covered the responsibilities of her Supervisor who was out on maternity leave for 3 months. Kristen, without hesitation, accepted the challenge and went above and beyond the call of duty. As if that wasn’t enough, Kristen took the point position to lead the credit union in a core system conversion.  Kristen managed to organize and accomplish the numerous, detailed and time-consuming tasks of setting up a conversion. Kristen coordinated the efforts with various departments within the credit union while managing the daily tasks of her department. 

Kristen’s dedication to the credit union’s members is admirable. She strives to help every member and employee by saying “yes, we can help you” and avoiding the “no” word.  She looks to find creative ways to solve our member’s needs when a standard answer just won’t do. 

On Kristen’s personal time, she focuses on bringing awareness to Breast Cancer. She is a proud 2-time survivor and dedicates her time to various community events such as local walks and sporting events that support awareness. In addition, she has lead the annual Breast Cancer Awareness fundraiser at the credit union. 

Kristen has an infectious positive attitude that shines even during the most difficult and tasking days. She believes in looking at the positive side of things rather than dwelling on the negative. She makes the most of every opportunity and wants to learn as much as she can each and every day. Kristen continues to go above and beyond. She will go out of her way to make someone laugh or smile when she sees they are having a tough day. Kristen is truly a special person to work with and deserves to be recognized with a young professional award.  We are proud to have Kristen as a part of the Arrha team and family!