2018 Young Professionals - Cassie Brown

Cassie Brown
Liberty Bay Credit Union

I’m pleased to nominate Cassie Brown, Business Development Officer at Liberty Bay Credit Union, for a CCUA Young Professional Award of Excellence.

Cassie Brown, 31, came to Liberty Bay Credit Union in 2016 as Senior Business Development Coordinator responsible for coordinating and attending prospect/client sales meetings and presentations, community financial education presentations, networking and community events, and other business development initiatives.  She shined in the role and in February of this year was promoted to Business Development Officer.  She is charged with fostering relationships to create new business partners, as well as managing and expanding reach within our current partners. She has also taken on the task of enhancing Liberty Bay’s financial education program and efforts. In an ever-evolving industry, Cassie has made it her mission to make sure Liberty Bay is leading the way in financial education through her vision, creativity, and strategic planning.

When asked why Cassie is deserving of being recognized with a CCUA Young Professional Award of Excellence, Ed Lopes, President and CEO at Liberty Bay Credit Union said, “Cassie has been instrumental in the growth of our financial education program, attending countless events, presenting financial education presentations, and doing so much behind the scenes to make it all go off without a hitch. She’s passionate about bringing financial education to employees of the nonprofits we serve.”

Recently I asked Cassie why she thinks she is so good at her job and she replied, “I love to listen. Not only to what’s being said, but to what is not being said. I can attribute this to my penchant for strategic thinking – I love to sit back and absorb all the information being given in a conversation or situation, and from there dissecting that information so I’m able to respond thoughtfully and constructively.” 

In the time Cassie has been at Liberty Bay she has been an integral member of a team that has been the driving force behind the growth of the credit union. She has contributed to this effort by managing and cultivating current partner relationships, as well as obtaining new business through community outreach and networking. She also made it a priority to revamp Liberty Bay’s financial education program by redesigning & reshaping all education presentations. To supplement the modernized presentations, Cassie spearheaded the launch of FA$Ttrack, Liberty Bay’s new on-line free financial education platform, in order to reach and educate more members of our growing community. (www.libertybaycu.org/fasttrack).

I was especially impressed by Cassie’s passion and drive in getting FA$Ttrack up and running. She managed the process from start to finish, and demonstrated great project management and leadership skills throughout. In addition to her hard work within her own role, Cassie consistently goes above and beyond through volunteerism on behalf of Liberty Bay as well as in her own life. Although her contributions are countless, most recently Cassie ran the Falmouth Road Race, an annual 7.1-mile road race on Cape Cod from Woods Hole, a village in the town of Falmouth, Massachusetts, to Falmouth Heights. Through this effort, she raised both awareness of and donations for Road To Responsibility, Inc, a local nonprofit and community partner of Liberty Bay Credit Union. 

For these, and many other reasons, it is a privilege to nominate Cassie  Brown for a CCUA Young Professional Award of Excellence.