2018 Young Professionals - Alex White

Alex White
Pioneer Valley Federal Credit Union 

Alex is honest, dependable and puts 100% of himself into every aspect of his role at the CU. As the AVP of Operations, a role he was promoted to earlier this year, Alex faces many obstacles with ATMs, Security, Facilities and account collections, but he does it all with a smile. Never one to ignore or avoid a problem, Alex is adept at getting to the root of an issue and coming up with positive solutions.

When Alex heard that one of his team member’s family was moving to a new house and didn’t have many hands to help them, he drove over on a weekend to load and unload the truck. This is just who Alex is. 

At the front of our conversion team in 2014, Alex has been an instrumental part of both creating and testing new procedures; creating and modifying reports and acting as a liaison to our core system. There isn't a challenge faced that he couldn't overcome, and he passes along this can-do mentality (along with a lot of coaching and support) to his team. 

Alex's team members know they can count on him in every situation, he works through any problems with them and helps them to come to solutions and improve in their roles. 

Members too know they can put their trust in Alex, who is always willing to take a member call and respond to any concerns they may be having with Fraud, Debit or ATM card issues, ATM questions, travel alerts and more. 

Throughout the five years that Alex has been on the team, he has demonstrated a compassion, empathy and willingness to help whoever, whenever he can. He truly demonstrates the cooperative values we hold dear in his interactions with both members and staff, and is always looking for ways to help others better their situation. 

Always putting member experience first, Alex strives to help our members feel empowered through the products and resources provided, and is quick to research and recommend tools that the CU can implement to further this cause. His philosophy is to "let the technology work FOR the member, and improve their service experience". 

Alex is also active in the community, volunteering his time for the K-Ride (a cycling event which supports children’s cancer research) and was part of the rebuilding initiative after a tornado hit the area in 2011. Drawn by the desire to help others and better those in the community around him, Alex is always ready to lend his support and time where it is most needed.

In his spare time Alex supports a local Cross-Fit gym, plays bass guitar and is a professional DJ. Alex also enjoys anything to do with being outdoors, and spends much time cultivating his garden and spending time with his family.