2018 Advocacy Honoree - Dover Federal Credit Union

Dover Federal Credit Union
2018 Advocacy Honoree


I am proud to endorse Dover Federal Credit Union for the 2018 CCUA Award of Excellence in Advocacy.

As we know, Credit Union’s provide services that are both helpful, and life changing to our members. Unfortunately, not all legislators see, or understand the difference that we make in our members lives; however, Dover Federal has done a phenomenal job at bridging that gap.

As an employee of Dover Federal Credit Union, it has been my honor to watch Credit Union employees work collectively and successfully in helping our legislators understand where our industry stands on legislative affairs and why. Dover Federal has been a champion organization regarding advocacy in the past year, hitting our legislators from all angles. Our credit union has displayed a commitment to working with our legislators on a local, state, and federal level.

In the last year, Dover Federal:

  • Attended each Hike the Hill
  • Sent two employees to all DE advocacy committee meetings
  • Sent two employees to CUNA YP Advocacy training in Washington D.C.
  • Sent four members of the organization to GAC including one “crasher”
  • Hosted Senator Carper and the press in the final days of S. 2155 with many business partners present to voice their concern of common sense regulation
  • Reached out to Congress-woman Blunt-Rochester’s office 15 times
  • Reached out to Senator Carpers office 16 times and kept in constant contact with staffers
  • Reached out to Senator Coons office 18 times and kept in constant contact with staffers

Dover Federal has made it our job to get to know each staffer personally, while making sure that they were informed on issues that credit unions were facing. We understand that if we want to see change, we have to first be the change. That is why we constantly send over reports, and articles to show how we are changing the landscape of the financial services industry. We take pride in telling our story, and fighting for common sense regulation.

It is my great honor and privilege to support this nomination of Dover Federal Credit Union for the 2018 Award of Excellence in Advocacy. In Delaware, Dover Federal Credit Union’s Advocacy efforts have been second to none and are more than deserving of this great honor.